Table Tennis
For the table tennis enthusiasts there are a lot of possibilities in Den
Haag. There are numerous clubs where recreational play is enabled, where
trainings are given and where competition can be played. Most have an own
accommodation. For the youth players all sorts of extra activities are
supported, like participating in regional tournaments.
For the youth of the primary schools, table tennis clinics and after
school table tennis are given by the youth sports coordinator for table
tennis for Den Haag. Supported by the city of Den Haag and by the county,
the clubs in Den Haag yearly organise a primary school table tennis
championship with hundreds of participants.
Topsport players and talents are welcome at the Table Tennis School Den
(TTSD), which, in cooperation with the Topsport Talent School Segbroek
College, gives trainings during the daytime. Also the TTSD offers foreign
training camps and coaches the players during international

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Website online
Since mai 2013 this website is active, with information about table tennis in Den Haag. ...

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